Make Facebook your homepage

Facebook wants to be your homepage and only friend.....

Facebook continues to follow some annoying traits done by Search engines in the past with its recent request to set it as your homepage.  I must admit its one of the top 5 webpages that I load each time I open Chrome but not the only window I want to load.

On visiting Facebook tonight I noticed a new notification window that had the following message.

We’ve noticed you use Facebook regularly. Set Facebook as your homepage to make getting here faster for you.

This statement I see it as an invasion of privacy more than anything, but this step has likely to further increase Facebook’s dominance over Google.  But until Facebook fixes its onsite search, I’m sure Google still has some time on its cards to either buy Facebook or Twitter to stay ahead of its competitors.

It is also too soon to know if this campaign is just targeting Chrome users or it is also showing for Safari, Firefox and IE browsers or just Chrome. So now the next step is the official launch of Facebook’s email platform and Advertising network and it will be a true competitor to Google, but we will see how Google responds.

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  • No, it’s definitely targeting Firefox users also, though when I clicked on the button, it didn’t do anything.

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