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BCI was founded in April 2008 by Hannah Suarez as a list of workshops, seminars, conferences and other related events.

When you are based in Brisbane it can sometimes be difficult to find a one location for all the events to do and participate around Brisbane. While there are many sites that list niche events such as bands gigs or music festivals there is not one central location for creative industries.  Hannah Suarez formed BCI in April 2008 as a list of workshops, seminars, conferences and other related events.

The BCI list quickly grew to incorporate professional development events within the creative industries in general. The ‘list’ is now known as BCI and its current missions is to bring together emerging and established professionals by promoting these events.

  • It stands for an events directory which lists creative industries events in and around Brisbane.
  • It stands for the professional development of emerging creative industries professionals and the continual development of established professionals.
  • It stands for solidarity within the creative industries in Brisbane by contributing to the growth and development in not only Brisbane, but within Queensland and Australia.


BCI Events powered by Google Calendar

One of the coolest features of the site is their dynamic Google Calendar of events where you can quickly view by week or month, also offering the ability to see past events that you might have missed.  The best feature of using Google Calendar is that you can easily add the event to your own Google Calendar so you don’t miss it.

A quick example of how you can quickly view events such as the Brisbane International Film Festival
When:30 Jul – 9 Aug 2009
Where: The Regent, Palace Centro Cinemas, Australian Cinematheque, GOMA (with Google Map link)

There is also a great list of free events for students and student priced events to attend around Brisbane, supporting the student community is very important to insure future growth of the Brisbane creative scene. So take some time to check out their site, and look to signup for their monthly e-newsletter that helps you plan for the weekend.

BCI is very involved in growing the Brisbane scene with their Creative Events Blog, and follow BCI on twitter to get tips on great new events and interviews.

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  • Thanks so much for the write-up! As you may already know (but I am assuming that the readers don’t at the moment), I am having some trouble with the Google calendar so it has been replaced with a LIST rather than an actual CALENDAR for the meantime.
    I will give another update when the feature is back shortly!

    Hannah Suarez
    Brisbane Creative Industries

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